Ben Hopps was born in Rockford, IL. He took classical piano lessons from the age of six to twelve when he started taking drum lessons. He played drums throughout middle school and high school at school and church.

While studying at Eastern Illinois University, he played drums in one of the Jazz Ensembles and in the process, got the piano bug once again. Since then he's played in a number of bands as a drummer and pianist and as a soloist around the midwest.

Heavily influenced by the compositions of John Coltrane and Antônio Carlos Jobim, he has now written a number of original compositions to compliment his repertoire of jazz standards. In the process of learning tunes from the Real Book, he developed his own notation for depicting key changes with the use of relative majors and accidentals.

His primary instrument is the Fender Rhodes electric piano, but he's just as comfortable playing an upright or grand piano. He recently moved to New Hampshire to explore the east coast music scene and is available for solo performances with up to four hours of live music. He's also available for performances with existing groups.